Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Unit at Aro provides mental health care for children and adolescents (under age 18 years) with neurodevelopmental, emotional and behavioral disorders including:

In our African culture, old age is a much treasured and most rewarding life-phase, both for the elderly and their families. However, old age can also bring its own set of unique challenges. Challenges such as the loss of loved ones, economic deprivation, loss of independence,

Forensic Psychiatry is the subspecialty of psychiatry that deals with issues arising in the interface between psychiatry and the law. The Forensic Unit of the hospital provides consultation and evaluation services to criminal and civil legal entities, covering the following areas:

There was an unprecedented rise in the prevalence of alcohol and drug related problems in the country by the mid-eighties. This was evidenced by the increase in the number of drug related admissions in many of the treatment hospitals and by the phenomenal rise in the

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry is the subspecialty of Psychiatry that deals with the interface of physical health and mental health issues. Situated at the Lantoro Annex, our Consultation Liaison Psychiatry team provides specialized services to the Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro - attending to

The Clinical Nursing Department provides assessment and general observation of patients in order to collect relevant data in addition to the following:

Our General Adult Psychiatry Unit offers both inpatient and outpatient care for the general adult population, with patients coming from all over the states of the federation and from the neighbouring West African countries like Benin Repulic and Togo.

Background The Occupational Therapy Department is one of the oldest departments in Aro. Mr. J. Moren was the first Occupational Therapy Instructor in the hospital and was assigned in 1947 to the Lantoro Annex. In 1954, the Neuropsychiatric Hospital employed an