Glad to announce the 4th edition of Substance Abuse Counselling and Treatment Process, a short course which started in 2017. It is a blend of theoretical knowledge and procedural skills acquisition over a six-week duration in the field of substance abuse intervention. The course structure for the upcoming edition is:

  • Online collaborative learning: three (3) weeks: August 12th to 30th,  2019
  • Classroom Lectures: one (1) week September: 2nd to 6th,  2019
  • Clinical Rotations: Batch 1 Two (2) weeks: September 9th  to 20th, 2019
  • Clinical Rotations: Batch 2 Two (2) weeks: September 23rd to October 4th 2019
  • Clinical Rotations: Batch 3 Two (2) weeks: October 29th to November 8th, 2019

While everyone does the online training and the one week lecture at the same time, the class will be divided into two batches of 15 each to go through the clinical rotations as scheduled above. After payment and enrollment for the course, everyone will have the opportunity of choosing the convenient time of the rotations. This will be on first-come-first-serve basis.

Learning objectives

The participants will have the competencies to

  1. identify the items that make ANY high quality service organization.
  2. develop the skill to perform structured analysis of their existing substance abuse treatment (or related facilities) and identify documents they need to produce to improve their treatment facilities.
  3. write (or adapt existing) essential service documents to improve their treatment organization
  4. deconstruct and reconstruct specific intervention processes in substance abuse treatment
  5. construct outcome-based logic model for a chosen substance abuse treatment modality.
  6. understand selected theories of substance abuse
  7. facilitate and document pre-enrollment, enrollment, intervention, discharge and aftercare processes involved in Therapeutic Community and Intensive Outpatients substance abuse treatment modalities.

Training fee

Seventy thousand Naira (N70,000), covering

  • Three-week online training
  • Online electronic portfolio
  • Tea break and lunch during the one week of classroom lectures.
  • Printed training materials

NOTE: The fee does not cover accommodation

Number of trainees

  • Maximum of thirty (30)


  • Start: June 14, 2019
  • End:  August 10, 2019

The flyer is available for download.

Click on the button bellow to access the course. 


Download this file (FLYER4BATCH4_COURSE 2019.jpg)Flyer batch 4[Flyer for the Substance abuse counselling and treatment process training]360 kB