It was celebration galore at the meeting of the Provost and Medical Director, Dr. Timothy O. Adebowale with members of staff the first in the series for year 2019.

The meeting held on Wednesday 16th January, 2019 at the Ultra Modern Cafeteria of the Hospital by 1.00pm started with opening prayer. 

With the prayer said and done, master of ceremonies at the event and also the Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr. Joseph O. Abiola, Ajibola introduced the Top Management Team to the high table comprising, Dr. Timothy O. Adebowale (Provost and Medical Director) Dr. Gbolagade, Amoo (Head, Clinical Services) Dr. Peter, O. Onifade (Head, Research and Training) Mr. Richard, K. Fadiran (Head of Administration and Secretary to the Management Board of the Hospital) Mrs. R. A. Adelanwa (Head of Nursing, Clinical).  The Head of Servicom and Quality Improvement Services and Chairman Provost and Medical Director’s Staff Merit award for year 2018, Dr. A. A. Agboola and Dr. (Mrs.) O. A. Amoo (Director of Pharmacy) and Chairman, Provost and Medical Director’s Neatest Ward Award Committee were also invited to join the team on the high table.

In his opening remarks at the two in one event which was staff meeting and presentation of awards to the Neatest Wards both in Aro and Lantoro and Best Staff Awards in different categories, Dr. Adebowale welcome all the members of staff to the meeting and he used the opportunity to appreciate staff for sustaining the management’s effort at providing excellent Clinical Service delivery, research and training in a professional manner with dint of hard work coupled with integrity.

Reviewing the activities carried out by the management of the Hospital in year 2018, the Provost informed the meeting that early in year 2018 a new management Board for the Hospital was constituted by President Muhammed Buhari, the commander in Chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Head of the Board is Hon. U. M. Balkore.  Furthermore, Dr. Adebowale, informed that the Board had its inaugural meeting earlier in the year under review in the Hospital.

Speaking further, the Provost maintained that the Hospital in the year under review did Promotion and Conversion for the eligible members of staff who are already enjoying the new status with its financial implication.  Also, he stated that appointment of new staff for both junior and senior staff were done in year 2018 to fill the vacancies in critical areas of need in the Hospital and those employed are settling down to contribute their quota to maintain the standard already attained by the Hospital.

In the area of Capital Projects, the Provost said that the Management was able to carry out two major projects for the Hospital in year 2018 and they are the expansion of Assessment and Emergency Unit and renovation of Out-Patient Clinic (O.P.C.).

In his action plan for year 2019, the Provost stated that the Management is planning to purchase a brand new generator for the use of the Hospital and also a brand new coaster bus will be purchase for the School of Psychiatric Nursing Aro and by extension the Hospital.  He said further that so many projects have been captured in the 2019 budget for the Hospital and these will be done, when the budget is passed and fund release for the execution.

The Provost also said that part of the action plan of the Management for year 2019 is the production of Annual Report for year 2018.  He stated that all heads of department should send their departmental reports to the office of Head of Servicom and Quality Improvement Services so that the annual report could come out in stated time frame.

Also, Dr. Adebowale hinted that promotion exercise for both the junior and senior staff of the Hospital for year, 2019 will also be done this year and that after the exercise the Management may also fill the vacant slots in critical area of the Hospital through appointment.

The major highlight of the meeting was the presentation of Provost and Medical Director’s Merit Awards for year 2018.

The first set of wards that were presented at the meeting after careful examination by the committees constituted for that purpose was the Neatest Wards Awards and the first position of Neatest Ward in Aro complex went to Female Ward II while the 2nd position went to NHIS Staff and Community in Aro.  A cash gift and plaques was presented to the winners.

The first Neatest Ward in Lantoro Annex went to Male Ward 5 while Firm B Female section got the 2nd position as the Neatest Ward in Lantoro Annex and they both got Award plaques and gifts courtesy of the Provost and Medical Director.

The meeting got to a high note when the Best Staff of the year 2018 were called in four different categories.  The Best Junior staff went to Mr. T. O. Oduga, Senior Motor Driver/Mechanic Grade One, while the Best Resident Doctor went to Dr. S. O. Olaniyi, a Registrar in the Hospital.

Also, the Best Nurse for year 2018 went to Mrs. O. B. Olugboji and the Best Senior staff for year 2018 went to Mr. A. A. Adesanya Principal Confidential Secretary II.  The entire Provost and Medical Director’s Award winners for year 2018 were presented with cash gifts and customized plaques.

Dr. S. O. Olaniyi, giving the vote of thanks on behalf of all the awardees appreciated the Management for the award and all the members of staff for the support and team effort that earn them the awards.